The Philosophy of Hair

Often in life we always seem to think the grass is greener on the other side. The same thing is the Philosophy of Hair. If we have thick naturally curly hair we wish for straight hair, the complete opposite. If we have straight hair, we wish for curly hair. If we have Afro hair we wish for a softer looser texture of hair or even straight hair. Bottom line, we’re seldom satisfied with our own God given natural hair. Hair is also hygroscopic which means it has the ability to draw moisture from the atmosphere — not a quality often appreciated after spending a hour and a half on blow drying hair to perfection only to find within minutes your hair has reverted itself back to tight curls or even a frizz in hot humid weather. On a perfectly groomed Afro, on black hair cold or damp weather may result in a major disaster for natural Afro hair causing the hair to shrink lovely to your scalp and giving a misinterpreted look.

So what’s the answer? The answer is a creative hair artist that has the vision, sensitivity and passion for hair & fashion. To be able to take any head of hair and first analyze the texture of the hair. Secondly, to then observe the growth pattern in the scalp to determine direction to a precise balanced precision cut, based on facial bone structure. Once this is achieved, the hair will fall naturally into place and can be air dried naturally or finger dried. Once the desired haircut has been created by the artist, the total look is to enhance hair with sophisticated color depending on the client you’re working on. And just like an artist painting on canvas, skin pigment and the natural color of the hair determines how far we can go, to determine what’s natural and what’s not. Overall with the right concept and technical skills and, more importantly, the right artist heads will most definitely turn!


Personal Hairdresser
Photo Shoots
Image Consulting


Deborah Martin, 2003-2005
Editorial Stylist: Grooming models, actors for television, film, video and music.
Editorials: WWD designers: Oscar de la Renta, Bradley Bayou’s, Jimmy Choo and Reem Acra’s

Artmix the Agency, October 2000- September 2002
Editorial Stylist: Celebrities: Paris Hilton, Wyclef. Editorials Maxim, Blender, Good Housekeeping, Seventeen, Teen People, Prophercy Fortune Nylon, Cream, and Dutch

Photographers: Davis Yelling, Hudson Wright, Jan Kanip, Mark Man, Dale May,Bradford Noble, F.Scott Schafer, Christian Lantry, Dave Baptist, Steve Spagnola Kwaku Alston, Beth Studenberg, and
Dave Geller

Television: Eyewitness News (Makeover for Charles Worthington), Maury Povich Show

Cutler, New York City, September 2002 – 2003
Responsible for grooming models for major agencies: Ford, Wilemina, I.D. Icon and Elite
Shows: Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, Sept 2003 Redken,Mercedes Benz Los Angeles Fashion Week April 2003

Warren Tricomi, New York City, 1999 – 2000 Stylist, Colorist
Press/Televison: MTV (Mission Makeover), VH1 (2000
Vogue Awards)
Movies: Pretzel Man (Miramax), Space Invaders (Clive Davis) Celebrities: Macy Grey, Carley Simon, Molly Simms, Louie Gouston’e (Oz)

Tim Casey, New York City, 1998 – 1999
Senior Stylist: Cutter, Colorist

Bellissama, London, 1996 – 1998
Stylist, Manager

Burlingtons, London
Senior Stylist: Cutter

Freelance, London
Editorial Stylist
Photographers: Chris Holland, Alister Hughes,Karel Koda Advertising: Carlesburg Lager, Redstripe Beer location for both Montego bay, Jamacia.
Editorials: Chic,Black hair and Beauty, Womens Own

Hair shows and Seminars
Johannesburg, Sun City and Pretoria, South Africa
Celebrities: Diane Keaten Miriam Stoppard, Wendy Stevens, Lulu, Sir Bob Geldof

Toni & Guy, London
Junior Stylist

John Freida, London
Apprentice hairdresser and Nicki Clarke’s Personal Assistant
Editorials: Assisted with Vogue, Harpers& Queens, Cosmopolitan, good House Keeping Women’s Own, and Daily Mirror.

Sanrizz, London
Apprentice Hairdresser: Shampoo, blow-drying, assisting shoots, seminars and shows.

Inspirational Note
As a Classic R &B Vocalist working with the likes of Mica Paris, Barry White, Pet Shop Boys Roy Ayes M. People, Robert Owens and Junior Guiscomb my background in music started way before my talent for hair yet both career’s are apparent, they both require an open imagination and passion from the heart.